Hey, I'm Miya, the owner of Elise Creative Management and your Social Media Manager. I help YOU elevate your online presence, activate your inner CEO, and unlock your next level of business GROWTH through organic social media marketing. 

Marketing your business is such a powerful tool, especially with word of mouth being the biggest builder of businesses. At Elise Creative Management I spend my time creating top-tier social media strategies, so you can finally have time to cook dinner, spend time with your kids, or even just take a self-care day.

Whether you are new to this or true to this I got you covered.

your business is your passion, but burnout comes on quick

fast facts

I have been a dancer for 18 years, but I never learned how to ride a bike

In my free time I like to try new restaurants as I am a huge foodie, Visit immersive art museums, and practice my makeup skills.

My favorite food is Pasta. My favorite drink is strawberry lemonade. Soda who? lol!

I love to travel Anywhere where there is a beach! lol! and Disney World.


it's level up season • we can take you there  

client love

It's such a HUGE weight lifted to not have to stay on top of IG and everything else. So much time for other things (like styled shoots!) that really showcases our shop!

Evoke Bridal

Miya is super thorough and sweet! The work she did for me was really good. She gave great suggestions to continue my growth and reach my target audience!

Rhea Photography

My account has been growing all because of you! I'm loving this AND all this free time on my hands!


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